Kimberlin on the Issues

National Security

Recent events in North Korea have illustrated how dangerous it is to allow radical regimes access to nuclear weapons. Yet Congressman Ruiz voted to give Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, $150 billion — money that even John Kerry admitted would fund terrorism. The deal also gave Iran a clear path towards building nuclear weapons. I will only support foreign policies that put the interests of the United States and our allies first. That includes defeating ISIS so that we can end the spread of extremist Islamic terrorism.


As a small business owner, I have seen the detrimental effects of Obamacare first-hand. Premiums have skyrocketed and patients have less choice. We all have friends and family members who have lost their coverage and access to their longtime doctors, despite promises that this would never happen. Many workers have had their hours cut and others driven into the underground economy. I will vote to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a more responsive system that can adapt to the needs of Americans and ensure that those with pre-existing conditions can obtain quality healthcare at a reasonable price.

Budget & Debt

Washington’s spending addiction has created a massive federal debt that grows by $1 billion a day — we are bankrupting our children and grandchildren. Our $20 trillion-dollar debt isn’t going to go away overnight but balancing the budget is first step. We must streamline the federal bureaucracy and re-prioritize spending so that we can finally get our annual deficits under control. I will only support a budget that provides for a strong national defense, repeals Obamacare, protects Medicare and Social Security for our seniors, and commits to reducing the national debt within a reasonable time horizon.

Tax Reform & Economy

High taxes make it incredibly difficult to live the American Dream: buy a house, send your kids to college and enjoy retirement. I’m committed to fighting for common sense tax reform that will create a fair and transparent tax system which will strengthen our economy and incentivize job creation. Our tax code must be simplified, and taxes on all wage earners should be reduced to ease the burden on middle class families. It’s insane that our corporate tax is the highest in the entire world – twice as high as the European Union. We can’t just complain about American companies doing business offshore, we need to give them a reason to bring those trillions of dollars and jobs back to America.

Border & Immigration Reform

An unsecure border is a direct threat to public safety and our national security. I support securing our border with a physical wall, technology, and a properly staffed border patrol. This comprehensive approach is critical to slowing human trafficking and ending the flow of cheap narcotics that are wrecking the lives of too many young people in our communities. Immigration is the foundation of our country and our communities are better for it. But it must be done correctly and honor those who waited and went through the correct process. I will support immigration reform for those folks who are diligently working to improve their lives – but anyone who has committed additional crimes while in the USA must be deported.

Working Together & Getting Results

Washington becomes more dysfunctional every day and too many members of Congress are ineffective. Raul Ruiz is no exception. Since joining Congress five years ago, he hasn’t passed a single piece of meaningful legislation. I have a track record of successes, I follow through on my promises, and I’ll get results. I’ll work with members of both parties and the President to get results for the 36th district. If not – I’ll step aside – you won’t have to vote me out like Congressman Ruiz.